• 9/16/17 Breathwork for Transformation

    9/16/17 Breathwork for Transformation

    Join me for Breathwork on Saturday morning 9/16 from 11-1pm. I'll facilitate with essential oils and sage, you'll make art as part of setting intentions and then lie down for the active Breathwork and integration.

    $35 // narayanacenter.com // 191 Nassau Ave Brooklyn NY 11222
    sign up online: clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/main_enr?

    What is Breathwork?
    Breathwork is an active self-healing practice that allows us to lower the volume on our thoughts and tune in to our essence (Love!)
    You lie on your back and breathe two breaths in for every one breath out. I play a quirky set of songs, apply essential oils and burn sage and Palo Santo. I encourage you to speak, cry, laugh, scream, during the active meditation to support release and revelation. We make space for intention setting before the breathing by art making and sharing; and allow time afterward for questions and closure.

    About Tiffany...
    I am a Brooklyn artist, wife, mom, spiritual seeker, first drawn to healing work for self care. I'm Reiki level 2, certified to facilitate Breathwork, and teach Khalsa Way prenatal yoga. I am also currently pursuing a master's degree in art therapy.